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January 2019 Smoking Firing

November 2018 

Tungguang Kiln  銅官窑

Tongguan Kiln is in Changsha, Hunan China. It is a porcelain ruin from the Tang Dynasty to the Five Dynasties. Also, the birthplace of underglaze in the world. They incorporate calligraphy, painting, poetry, etc. into the ceramic decoration process.

In 1998, a wreck salvaged in Indonesia. The ship carried about 56,500 pieces of Tongguan kiln porcelain.

2017 November salvage company to return 162 cultural relics to their hometown.

2018 Study in Jiangdazhan

In April, we study at the Pottery Workshop.

In September, we Learning carving and blue & white in Miss Chan Min studio

April 2018 Jian Yang  建陽

We visited Jian kiln site in April 2018, Jian Yang in Fu Jian province city water Ji town, the Jian kiln has 135.6 m, It is the world longest dragon kiln.

Jian Zhan is the famous Black glaze Porcelain. As the Song dynasty, the Jian Zhan mainly produced tea bowl for the palace. It has stopped firing over 600 years from Ming dynasty.  

In 1979, China experts and scholars in 2 years of repeated trial and error recovery imitation Song's firing technique Jian Zhan.

In Jianyang, we visited the artist's workshop. And also see production companies in the process of manufacturing of Jian Zhan.

April 2017

Yu Lin ting Jian Kiln


In April 2017, we went to Wuyi climbing the mountain; the aim is to visit Yu Lin ting Jian kiln. Yu Lin ting is in Wuyi mountain scenic area adjacent to the beautiful scenery of lotus peak. The ancient site was the song dynasty Jian kiln. The Jian kiln was one of the eight famous kilns in China.

July 2016 Dehua 德化

Dehua white porcelain is a kind of porcelain produced in Dehua county, Fujian province. It began in the song dynasty and developed greatly after the Ming dynasty. It is one of the three ancient porcelain capitals of China.


In Dehua, we gained a lot. We visited ancient kiln sites, production companies, artist exhibition rooms and Dongshang pottery village.

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