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Human Body

I am fascinated with human statues, such as China’s pottery figures, grottos, or human body sculptures. What interests me most are the statues’ historical, cultural, and artistic backgrounds. From these elements, I can understand what society and culture were like at the time the art pieces were made.

For this reason, my ceramic artwork mostly involves the human form. A series of nude photos that British photographer Bill Brante took inspired me to explore the human figure from the viewpoint of the camera lens. From images that I previously recorded or recalled from memory, I transformed them into ceramic forms.

Relief Carving & Functional ware

Since childhood, I am curious about everything, and I often observe the surrounding environment. Gradually, I like to travel around. I also want to watch the world with a lens to see things. Over time, I often carry a lightweight camera, to quickly capture the scenes; I also record the ideas and feelings found.


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